MurkAPI 2.0 is now live!

Returns a cool random fact on each call.Random Fact
Gets live bitcoin price for any value in any currency.Bitcoin Price
Gets a users owned games & their playtime for each one.Steam Games
Generates information of a fake person.Info Gen
Returns information about an IP Address.GeoIP
Can encrypt & try to decrypt given values.MD5 Hasher
Returns a random stupid/funny website.Random URL
Send tweets anonymously from @inb4blockedSend Tweet
Scrapes Google for useful information/links.Dox Helper
Returns the online status of the given site.Is It Up?
Gets some information about a domains owner.WhoIs Lookup
Attempts to get the IP Address of a website.Host -> IP
Displays basic statistics of a youtube video.YouTube Stats
Displays a tweets statistics or profile information.Twitter Stats
Displays a picture statistics or profile information.Instagram Stats
Returns a newly checked proxy. Wont show on the checker.Random Proxy
Checks whether or not an IP is a proxy. Not 100% accurate.Is Proxy?
Will scan the given URL for all available opened ports.Port Scanner
Will return information gathered from the given website.Website Headers
Will display how many words are contained on a website.Word Counter
This API will convert plain text to a random cool font.Text -> Cool Font
Will generate a secure password using your desired length.Password Generator
This API can create fresh captcha's and check correct input.Captcha System
Returns information about a Minecraft server if it's online.Minecraft Server Info
Attempts to ping a website 3 times and returns the results.Ping Website
Returns a sites DNS Records in JSON form due to result variety.DNS Record Lookup
Generates a meme with your background & top/bottom text.Meme Generator
Returns the IP Address of a site that is using CloudFlare.CloudFlare Resolver
Will shorten links with a service of your choice.URL Shortener
Will convert text to binary & binary back to text.Binary Converter
Will return the answer to simple mathematics. (+ - / * %)Calculator
Displays info about given server. (Name, Country, Users)TeamSpeak Server Info
Generates QR Codes with the given values. (URLS, Text)QR Code Generator
Will show a related GIF to the search term. (Giphy)Random GIF Finder
Check if an IP is a home connection.Home IP Checker
Check if an IP has been abused.IP Abuse Check
Compare two sites to get a similarity %.Site Comparer
Get user info of a Roblox player.Roblox User Info
Search anything to get a wikipedia definition.WikiPedia Search
Check whether a minecraft account is migrated or not.Minecraft Migrated Checker
Displays information about a given steam profile.Steam User Info
Check if a URL makes any redirects. (I.E Shortened URL's)URL Redirect Checker
Check the sites a username or email has been breached from, if any.Breached Account Checker
Will show a related Image to the search term. (Imgur)Random Image Finder
Will try to determine a hashes algorithm.Hash Identifier
Gets the current price of any crypto currency.Crypto Currency Price
Translate any text to any given language. Translator
Create text with emoji's of your choice.Emoji Art
Gets information about a live proxy.Proxy Checker
Will show a related video to the search term. (YouTube)Random Video Finder
Check the age of the given domain.Domain Age
Get the original URL of any link.AdFly Bypass
Key Updater
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Customers 162
Uptime 821 Days