MurkAPI 2.0 is now live!

Can i get a free key?
No, keys were only ever free on testing week.
I didn't receive my key after payment!
On the rare chance this happened to you, please send an email to support along with the email you purchased with. You should hear back from us within 1-12 hours.
How can i get a password if i don't have one?
Not to worry, we are aware of the customers before 2.0 will not have a password. You can get this by contacting support with your Key & PayPal Email.
Are you looking for support workers?
We currently have enough people to be able to respond to everything, but we will most likely need new people in the near future. We will make users aware when this event takes place though.
Will new API's ever be added?
Yes, of course! After initial release we plan to get a new API out every week or two. If you have an idea for something new, please let us know about it using the support section!
How long will my key last?
We don't deal with time periods at this point but that's something we may work towards in the future. For now, each key will be active for lifetime. (By this we mean service lifetime, not actual lifetime)
How much can i use my key?
Key usage is unlimited for all users. However, we wont accept bulk spam to our API's! Mass requests in a short amount of time will flag up to an admin which can lead to your keys suspension.
Why was my key suspended?
Keys are only ever suspended if it has been shared around or if there is evidence its being used for something it shouldn't be. If you think your key was wrongly suspended, contact support & we will go from there.
Can i share my key?
No! Of course there is nothing stopping you from sharing it with someone but we will eventually notice and suspend your key. Please respect the rules, we don't want to have to ever suspend anyone for key sharing.
Do you offer implementation help?
No, not really. If you are here to buy API's we assume you already know what to do with them. Although we don't really offer help, if you have any questions open a support ticket and we will help you the best we can.
Can i buy API source codes?
Our API sources are not for sale. However, we can certainly help you with your own for a small fee. By submitting a ticket we will respond back to you with a yes/no answer depending on if we can help you out or not.
What can these API's be used for?
Almost anything! You are the developer so use it to your imagination. Most commonly people implement our API's into their own websites or even software. We have a large variety of responses so we probably have something for you.
Can i use these API's in my own API Service?
No! We do not allow our API's to be sold in another service. If you are found to be doing so, your key will be banned immediately. If you allow free use, then that's different as long as your key isn't displayed for everyone to see.
Dont see your question here?
In the case your query is more advanced, please open a ticket in the support section.