MurkAPI 2.0 is now live!

Terms of Service
By using our service you agree to all of the below.

- All payments are final. No refunds will be accepted.
- Any charge backs result in key suspension and blacklists for multiple other products.
- Any payments from PayPal which are on hold may result in a key lock until cleared.
- Purchasing using fraudulent credit will result in a key ban & PayPal report.
- You, the consumer are responsible for any actions you take with the API's.
- Mass spam of your key will result in a limitation or a suspension.
- All API's present at the time of purchase can be removed at any time.
- Prices and API's can be changed whenever we deem appropriate.
- Malicious activity is not permitted. Any findings will result in suspension.
- Sharing keys is not tolerated and your key will be suspended instantly.
- Any abuse of the API's will result in a permanent ban.
- Do not use your key in a service similar to ours.
- Leave credit in commercial applications where a MurkAPI key is used.
- Reselling or renting your key to another person is not allowed.
- We have the right to change any of this info at any time.